Just One Person Scholarship (OTSS) (722120105044)

The Just One Person Scholarship was created in October 2006 through the generous proceeds of the inaugural Just One Person community award event. This award was created to honour a citizen of the city of Ottawa who has made the health and wellbeing of families a priority.  The Ottawa Senators Foundation (now the Ottawa-Gatineau Youth Foundation) in partnership with the Max Keeping Foundation have kindly donated the money raised at this event to establish the Just One Person Scholarship, giving youth-in-care the opportunity to attend university so they too can one day make a difference.
A “youth-in-care” is defined as a child removed from their home for a period of time and placed in the care of a foster home, group home, temporary detention, or secure or open custody, as determined by Child and Family Services, Child Welfare and the Children’s Aid Society. In Canada, there are over 80,000 children and youth in the care of child welfare system alone. An additional 25,000 youth are in detention centers and youth justice facilities. Countless more are in mental health institutions. There are thousands still who have fallen through cracks in the system and are living on the streets and in shelters. These youth deserve the opportunity to further their education despite the financial and the emotional hardships that may make pursuing this goal difficult.  It is hoped that the Just One Person Scholarship of the University of Ottawa will encourage other academic institutions across Canada to create similar events and awards so that wards of the Crown from coast to coast will be given the chance to follow their dreams.
This scholarship will provide $4,000 to help cover tuition and books and is renewable annually, based on reasonable progress toward the completion of an undergraduate degree or diploma.
Donations received for this endowment fund are matched by the University of Ottawa’s President’s Fund and the Government of Ontario’s Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS) matching program. The donors thank the University of Ottawa and the Government of Ontario for its matching contribution.
The Just One Person Scholarship will be awarded annually to a young person, currently or formerly in the care of the Canadian child welfare system who demonstrate great achievement and promise as well as financial need.
Eligibility Criteria:
The applicant must:            
  1. Be registered as a full-time student in an undergraduate or diploma at the University of Ottawa.
  2. Be an Ontario resident, as per OSAP[2] rules.
  3. Demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid and Awards Service of the University of Ottawa.
  4. Be under the age of 30 before the date of the application deadline; and
  5. Be in or have been in the child welfare/protection system.
Note: A student who has received social assistance, welfare, family benefits or employment insurance but who has not been youth-in-care as defined previously is not eligible.
Value of the Award:           $4,000
Number of Awards:           Variable
Frequency of the Award: Annual
Renewable:                          Upon reapplication
Level of the Award:           Undergraduate
Application Contact:         Financial Aid and Awards Service
Application Deadline:       October 31
Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through the uoZone portal, and should include:
1.     the Financial Questionnaire;
2.     Child Welfare Information:
            a.         Name of child welfare agency (ies)
            b.         Description of applicant’s child welfare experience
            c.         Child welfare contact or social worker contact information
3.       A 500-word essay outlining the applicant’s personal achievements; short and long term aspirations; and the way in which he or she plans to give back to the community.  The student is strongly encouraged to be as specific and descriptive as possible.
4.       Two letters of personal references. These may be from support workers, teachers or employers but may not include family members.
[1] OTSS: Ontario Trust for Student Support
[2] OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program