Telfer PhD Student Engagement Award (712200305036)

Telfer PhD Student Engagement Award
This award was created from the Telfer School of Management Dean’s Strategic Priorities Fund, created with Mr. Ian Telfer’s naming gift in 2007.
The purpose of this award is to recognize one PhD student at the Telfer School of Management who exemplifies the qualities of an engaged student. Students who are selected to receive this award will have demonstrated continued engagement with the program on many levels, namely by: demonstrating initiative in consistently applying for external funding, along with external and internal scholarships; demonstrating success in their courses; showing steady progress in their research program; publishing their research findings; and presenting their research at academic conferences. Successful candidates will also have demonstrated leadership skills in dealing with fellow students, acted as role models for incoming students, looked for new ways to become involved in the program, and supported the success of other students and the program itself. In an effort to support all our students, preference will be given to students who have not already received another major award or scholarship.
Eligibility Criteria
The candidate must:
  1. be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person with the protected/refugee status or an international student;
  2. be registered as a full-time student in the PhD in Management program of the Telfer School of Management, and be within the first eleven terms of his/her program;
  3. have an above-average academic standing;
  4. demonstrate sustained effort in applying  for external funding, internal scholarships, and other scholarships;
  5. attend and participate in academic conferences; and
  6. demonstrate leadership skills in dealing with fellow students and take the initiative to enrich the program experience for everyone.
Value of the award:                 Maximum $10,000
Number of awards:                  Variable
Frequency of the award:        Annual
Level or program of study:   PhD
Application contact:                Research Office, Telfer School of Management
Application deadline:             January 15 (in the event that January 15 is on a weekend day, the deadline will be pushed to the following Monday)

Applications must be made to the Research Office, Telfer School of Management at, and should include:
1.      a letter from the candidate (max. 750 words) detailing how they have met or exceeded the above criteria;
2.      a current CV that describes funding opportunities for which the candidate has applied, publications they have contributed to and conferences they have attend, along with any other activities that meet the eligibility criteria;
3.      a letter of support from his or her supervisor;
4.      copies of published papers (optional); and
5.      proof of applications for funding opportunities (granted or not) (optional).