Nutrition and Mental Health Doctoral Scholarship (712240305033)




Nutrition and Mental Health Doctoral Scholarship


This fund was generously created by an anonymous donor.


To provide financial support for University of Ottawa doctoral students who are conducting leading-edge research related to the interrelationship between food, nutrition, gut microbiota and mental health under the supervision of a professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences’ School of Nutrition Sciences.


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

  1. be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person with the protected/refugee status or an international student;
  2. be admitted or registered as a full-time student in a doctoral program at the University of Ottawa;
  3. have a professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences’ School of Nutrition Sciences as their primary supervisor (a co-supervisor can be from another school or faculty);
  4. not be a recipient of any external grants at the time of the awarding of this scholarship, and
  5. have a proposed research project that will advance knowledge on the impact of food and nutrition on mental health along the bidirectional continuum involving the influence of food composition, matrix and biochemistry; the role of nutrient digestion and absorption; the impacts and responses of intestinal microbiota composition and metabolism; and the associated biochemical pathways and neurological activities.

Note 1: In the case the recipient is a prospective student, the recipient will receive their scholarship once they are registered full-time in their doctoral program at the University of Ottawa.

Note 2: Past recipients of this scholarship are not eligible to apply for it again.

Value of the award: $8,333 per term

Number of awards: Maximum 2

Frequency of the award:  Annual

Renewability: Every term, for a maximum of 9 terms, provided the recipient is registered full-time

Level or program of study: Doctoral

Application contact: School of Nutrition Sciences

Application deadline:  April 30 



Applications must be made to the School of Nutrition Sciences ( and should include:
  1. a copy of the official transcript for all of the applicant’s undergraduate and graduate studies (including current PhD program transcripts);
  2. a curriculum vitae;
  3. a two-page (single-spaced) statement from the applicant detailing their doctoral research program, including the goals and objectives, the approach and methodology to be used, the expected outcome and impacts and an explanation of how this research aligns with the priority areas targeted for this scholarship;
  4. reference forms from two academics and mentors who have contributed to their scholarship, excluding the immediate doctoral supervisor;
  5. a statement of support from the doctoral supervisor stating the qualities demonstrated by the candidate to justify awarding the support and identifying additional source(s) of funding for the candidates research activities; and
  6. a declaration from the applicant that they do not currently hold an external grant.
  7. Reference form - assessment of expected competencies. 


To maintain funding in years 2 and 3 of the scholarship, the recipient must submit an annual progress report no later than August 1 confirming that the recipient continues to meet the eligibility requirements and has demonstrated satisfactory progress. The reports are to be submitted by email to the Director of the School of Nutrition Sciences at

The annual progress reports are reviewed by the Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee. If a progress report is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the scholarship recipient will receive written notification that funding will terminate within 30 days.

A final report must be submitted at the end of year 3 of the scholarship highlighting the achievements of the doctoral student during the award period