University of Ottawa Patient Safety Research Fellowship and Graduate Studies Program (712240303953)



University of Ottawa Patient Safety Research Fellowship and Graduate Studies Program

Funded by the “National Medical Error Project Endowment”


The goal of The University of Ottawa Patient Safety Research Fellowship and Graduate Studies Program (the “Fellowship Program”) is the training of health services professionals with special expertise in patient safety, epidemiology, and health informatics. The Fellowship Program is open to trainees of exceptional potential, with a special focus on physicians interested in formal training in research and patient safety methodology.


To produce generalizable knowledge to be used to improve health system performance and graduate highly qualified personnel with the necessary expertise to work in the Canadian health care context. The Fellowship will normally begin in July of each year. 


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

  1. be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person with the protected/refugee status or an international student;
  2. if pursuing or intending to pursue graduate studies, be enrolled or have applied for admission to a graduate program at the School of Epidemiology of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa and be in good academic standing, as per the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, scholarship calculation formula

if completing or intending to complete a fellowship, have a departmentally supported learning plan that is reasonably likely to achieve the desired skills outcomes (for example, a combination of epidemiology coursework and a simulation training program);

  1. conduct or intend to conduct research or clinical CQI in the field of patient safety.

Note: Applicants can perform a fellowship outside of Ottawa provided there is a departmental plan for the applicant to return once he or she successfully completes the fellowship.

  • Value of the award: Minimum $15,000
  • Number of awards: Variable
  • Frequency of the award: Annual
  • Level or program of study: Fellowship
  • Renewable: Yes, depending on the length of the applicant’s intended research, for a maximum of 2 years (conditional on the recipient submitting a satisfactory progress report)
  • Application contact: Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office, Faculty of Medicine
  • Application deadline: October 31


  • Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through the uoZone portal, and should include:
    1. the Curriculum Vitae on Online Scholarships and Bursaries;
    2. a letter of intent detailing the applicant’s career goals, why he/she is qualified to receive this fellowship and what they plan to accomplish during their program; and
    3. a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor.