Alex Trebek Leadership Award (723200303908)


Alex Trebek Leadership Award
This award was generously created by Alex Trebek, an alumnus of the University of Ottawa.
Alex Trebek is one of North America's leading and most recognizable television icons, having hosted more than 6,000 Jeopardy! episodes since the show made its syndicated debut in 1984. Mr. Trebek earned two degrees in philosophy from the University of Ottawa. Interested in a broadcasting news career, he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), where he covered national news and special events for radio and television. With the growing popularity of game shows, he segued into the role of host. After several other hosting roles, he was chosen as host of Jeopardy! A hit with viewers over a period of decades, he quickly became a pop culture icon. 
Mr. Trebek has been honored with a coveted star on both the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Canadian Walk of Fame in Toronto, making him one of only a handful of people honoured in this way by both the United States and Canada. He has won five Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show Host, and in 2011, he received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the U.S. National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. 
In addition to his hosting duties, Mr. Trebek has long-standing commitments to numerous charities and educational organizations. With World Vision, he has travelled to many Third World countries, filming reports on the group's efforts on behalf of children around the world. He has travelled with his family to Zambia, where he adopted a village and helped build a school, three homes for teachers and a medical facility. When the devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, he served as a spokesperson for World Vision and urged donors to assist in the relief effort.
Allocate an award at convocation to recognize the academic and community involvement achievements of an outstanding undergraduate student who has earned the citation of summa cum laude.
Eligibility Criteria
The applicant must:
  1.       be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person with the protected/refugee status or an international student;
  2.       be registered as a full-time undergraduate student at the University of Ottawa;
  3.       be graduating during the current academic year;
  4.       demonstrate academic excellence through earning the citation of summa cum laude (this criterion does not apply to MD students); and

5.      have distinguished themselves through involvement in volunteering and community service activities or initiatives.
Value of the award:                       $10,000
Number of awards:                        One
Frequency of the award:               Annual
Level or program of study:           Undergraduate
Application contact:                      Financial Aid and Awards Service
Application deadline:                    February 28
Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through the uoZone portal, and should include:
1.      a non-official copy of the applicant’s transcript;
2.      the Curriculum Vitae on Online Scholarships and Bursaries;
3.      a letter from the applicant detailing his involvement in volunteering and community service activities and initiatives; and
4.      two letters of recommendation pertaining to the applicant’s involvement in volunteering and community service activities or initiatives.