Nicole LaViolette Friends of Lambda Prize (712200300713)

Nicole Laviolette Friends of Lambda Prize
This Prize is named in honour of Professor Nicole LaViolette of the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa. Professor LaViolette is a former recipient of the Lambda Foundation Prize (1999). She exemplifies leadership and achievement both in terms of her scholarly work on LGBT legal issues and her personal commitment to human rights. She is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading scholar and expert in refugee and immigration issues relating to sexual orientation and gender, and as a community builder in relation to the resettlement of LGBT refugees to Canada. This Prize also acknowledges the many Friends of the Lambda Foundation whose generosity first established this award in 1995, and who continue to support it.
To encourage excellence in research on issues affecting gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgendered and intersex (LGBTI) people, specifically laws, and public and private policies affecting their human rights, as well as those matters pertaining more generally to their communities, values, achievements, arts and sports.
Eligibility Criteria
The applicant must:
  1. be a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, early career instructor or professor at the University of Ottawa;
  2. be conducting research or be involved in a project (thesis, publication, major paper, etc.) on LGBTI issues;
  3. have contributed to the LGBTI community through their personal activities; and
  4. be in good academic standing (in the case of student applicants).
The prize is awarded without distinction of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, sex, disability, or linguistic, racial, ethnic, religious or cultural background. The recipient should be prepared to attend a Lambda Foundation reception or meeting.
Value of the Award:                 Between $500 and $1,000
Number of Awards:                 One
Frequency of the Award:       Annual
Level or program of study:   Graduate, Postdoctoral or Faculty member
Application Contact:               Financial Aid and Awards Service
Application Deadline:             February 28

Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through the uoZone portal, and should include:
1.      a proposal outlining the applicant’s research or project;
2.      a letter of recommendation from the Dean of the Faculty or the Chair of the Department under whose authority the research will be conducted; and
3.      a copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae detailing their personal contribution to the LGBTI community.
In the case of postdoctoral fellows, early career instructors or professors at the University of Ottawa, applications must be made directly to the Financial Aid and Awards Service at