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Aesculapian society Medical Student Conference fund



Attending conferences provides numerous benefits to medical students and overall enhances their medical education and preparation for a future in medicine. Conferences are expensive, and costs may include registration, travel, accommodation, and meals, which can easily exceed $1,000 for a single conference. At present, there is very limited funding for University of Ottawa medical students to attend conferences, and students have identified inadequate funding as an issue they are concerned about. Therefore, the Aesculapian Society has proposed the creation of a medical student conference fund, which would be funded through alumni and faculty donations and distributed by the society.


Financially support undergraduate medical students who have attended and presented at a conference.


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person with the protected/refugee status or an international student;
  2. be registered as a full-time undergraduate student in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa;
  3. have attended and presented at a conference (poster sessions included);
  4. have a financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid and Awards Service of the University of Ottawa; and
  5. have not received payment or funding from another source that covers the total amount of the conference expenses.

Note:  An application can include expenses for more than one conference, as long as it does not exceed the maximum value of the award.

Value of the award: Maximum $1,000

Number of awards: Variable

Frequency of the award: Annual

Level or program of study: Undergraduate

Application contact: Financial Aid and Awards Service

Application deadline: October 31 for past conferences held from November 1st to October 31   


  • Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through the uoZone portal, and should include:
  1. the Financial Questionnaire;
  2. a letter (max. 500 words) written by the applicant detailing the conference he/she has attended (including the date and location), what he/she has presented there and a budget outlining the applicant’s expenses and other sources of revenue for this conference; and

proof of presentation at the conference, the boarding passes and original receipts for all expenses for an amount equivalent or less than the maximum value of the award.