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Alex Trebek Innovation and Challenge Fund

a Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement Fund


The Fund, generously created by Alex Trebek, to finance innovative projects with the aim of operating positive social changes both in Canada and abroad; to support research-action in association with existing or new community partners; and to take into account projects promoting the improvement in all the sectors which influence the capacity of people to live healthy and productive lifes.

The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement at the University of Ottawa is responsible for promoting community engagement and social responsibility and is in charge of the Fund. Furthermore the Centre has the responsibility to connect its members – students, faculty, staff, alumni and retirees to local, Canadian and international communities and community partners – engaged in social positive changes.


The purpose of the fund is to identify, develop and ultimately provide promising solutions on social issues and/or on development issues in Canada and around the world.


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

1. a student or professor at the University of Ottawa;

2. be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, and/or be eligible for visas;

3. be registered with the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement;

4. demonstrate community engagement; and

5. describe how students, professors and community partners will be involved in the project planning and implementation and how the expected outcomes will benefit each group.

Value of the award: Between $1,000 and $15,000; variable, depending on the funds available and the scope, duration and budget of the project.

Number of awards: Variable

Frequency of the award: Annual

Application contact: Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement

Application deadline: February 28


Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through, and should include:

1. a description of the project and its potential impact to the community. A more detailed outline will be required on the following:

a. identify the need and how the initiative will address it;

b. location of the project;

c. objectives and scope;

d. expected outcomes;

e. how the project will be sustainable over time (partnerships with other organizations or stakeholders must be included in the description);

f. how the community partner(s) and/or the community will be involved in the project design/planning;

g. how the project or initiative is innovative;

h. how students, professors and community partners are involved and how they will benefit from the project;

i. measures of success: how the project results be tracked and replicated in other communities; and

j. a budget and timeline for the project implementation.

2. eligibility of expenses:

a. covers travel costs;

b. assist with incremental costs for community partners. The funding is not meant to cover the recurrent costs of the organization, including salaries. Should the recipient require staff support, salaries will be included, however, the recipient will need to explain how these will be covered once the funding lapses; and

c. assist with start-up initiatives with community partners

3. at least two letters of reference which support the applicant’s project.

Note : the Fund will accept multi-year proposals but second-year funding will only be confirmed after results of first year have been reviewed.