Greg Ratushny Scholarship (OTSS) (742220101927)

Greg Ratushny Scholarship
Greg Ratushny completed Grade 12 as an Ontario Scholar in 1992 and was recruited to study and play NCAA[2] hockey at Cornell University. His older sister, Kim, and brother, Dan both played on the Cornell Varsity Hockey teams and earned undergraduate Cornell degrees. Both subsequently graduated from the Faculty of Law, Common Law section, at the University of Ottawa. Greg’s father, Ed Ratushny taught at the Faculty of Law (Common Law Section) for over thirty years.
Greg Ratushny suffered an ultimately fatal car accident in the summer of 1992, before he could continue his promising career and life. He had a disarming smile, infectious joie de vivre and warmth for, not only his friends, but everyone he met. He also demonstrated a strong sense of purpose, good judgment and enthusiasm for his school, sports teams and other communities to which he belonged.
The contributors to this scholarship wish to provide assistance towards the success of students with similar qualities and more specifically, enthusiasm for the Common Law Section as demonstrated through extra-curricular contributions, camaraderie with other students, professors and support staff and promise for demonstrating these qualities in the futures. They also wish to thank the former students of Professor Ratushny and other Alumni who have generously contributed to this fund.
Provide financial assistance to a graduating student who has demonstrated an enthusiastic contribution to the community of the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section at the University of Ottawa.
Eligibility Criteria
The applicant must:

  1.      be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or a person with the protected/refugee status;
  2.      be registered as a full-time 3rd year student at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section of the University of Ottawa;
  3.      be an Ontario resident, as per OSAP[3] rules;
  4.      demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid and Awards Service of the University of Ottawa; and
  5.      demonstrate enthusiasm for the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law through extracurricular contributions and camaraderie with co-students, support staff and professors, and show promise for carrying these qualities into the future.
Value of the award:                   $5,000
Number of awards:                    One
Frequency of the award:           Annual
Level or program of study:        Undergraduate
Application contact:                  Financial Aid Administrator, Common Law Section
Application deadline:                October 31
Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through, and should include:
1.     the Financial Questionnaire;
2.     the Curriculum Vitae on Online Scholarships and Bursaries; and
3.     a letter of recommendation from a fellow student, support staff or a faculty member who is aware of special contributions by the applicant.
[1] OTSS: Ontario Trust for Student Support
[2] NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association
[3] OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program