Community Engagement Scholarship A Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement Fund (762200102821)



Community Engagement Scholarship

a Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement Fund


Under the auspices of the Centre, opportunities for students for community engagement and social responsibility are encouraged and nurtured. The Centre contributes to a great student experience through a variety of programs and initiatives including days of service, alternative student breaks and community service learning. The Centre promotes experiential learning taking students out of the classroom to actively apply their university studies to real world situations, and in ways that benefit the community and not-for-profit organizations.


Provide financial assistance to students carrying out community service in the national capital region.


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

1. be registered as a full- or part-time student at the University of Ottawa;

2. be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident;

3. have been involved in community engagement activities;

4. be in good academic standing; and

5. carry out a future community service project or future community service activities with a community partner or directly with a community anywhere in the national capital region (both in Ontario and Quebec).

Value of the Scholarship: Maximum $15,000 depending on project

Number of Scholarships: Variable

Frequency of the Scholarship: Bi-annual, when possible

Level of the Scholarship: Undergraduate and graduate

Application Contact: Financial Aid and Awards Service

Application Deadline: October 31


Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through, and should include:

1. a 500-word from the applicant that includes:

a. a summary of the future community service activities to be undertaken including clarification of how the community service responds to community needs;

b. a summary of his/her community engagement activities carried out to date

c. his/her electronic signature of the waiver on assumptions of risk and liability

d. a short budget outlining the future community service project or activities expenses and funds already raised for the project/activities and the shortfall to be covered;

2. the Curriculum Vitae on Online scholarships and Bursaries;

3. a copy of the applicant’s co-curricular records (if applicable); and

4. two letters of recommendation from members of the University faculty who know the applicant. If the community service activity is part of a credited course, one of the letters should come from the professor organizing the field course. If the project is supported by a community partner, one letter should be from the community partner that will be involved with the student on his/her community project.