El-Aggan Family Scholarship for Muslims (OTSS) (741120102006)




                                          El-Aggan Family Entrance Scholarship for Muslims

This fund is initiated by the El-Aggan family to improve the integration of young Canadian Muslims in society and in becoming potential human rights advocates within the framework of Canadian laws. The scholarship fund’s objective is to promote a positive image of Canadian Muslims by means of promoting understanding of Muslims in Canadian society. This objective will be achieved by each candidate’s leadership in demonstrating an accurate and honest representation of Muslim beliefs.

The El-Aggan family immigrated to Canada from Egypt in 1990 and eventually established a successful software business, led by the father, Wael Aggan and his three sons Ahmed El-Gillani, Tarek El-Gillani and Hussein El-Aggan. In an era where investors had no trust in a family business lead by Muslims/Egyptians, the mother, Fatma El-Mehelmy (an engineer) was the only financial support for the business. In 2006, after nearly a decade of hard work and dedication, the company was successfully acquired by a public company.  After the acquisition the family felt it was important to give back to the community in a way that would not only support young Muslims through their studies, but would simultaneously educate Canadian society about what being a Muslim truly is.

“You shall invite to the path of your Lord with wisdom and kind enlightenment, and debate with them in the best possible manner” [Koran 16:125].

The El-Aggan family thanks the Government of Ontario for its effort to match contributions through its Ontario Trust for Student Support Program.

To provide a financial aid scholarship with the possibility of renewal to a student from a Muslim community with interest in Muslim human rights upon entrance in the JD program at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.

Eligibility Criteria
The applicant must:            
1.    be admitted as a full-time student in the first year of the JD program at the Faculty of Law,         Common Law Section at the University of Ottawa;
2.    be an Ontario resident, as per OSAP[2] rules;
3.    demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid and Awards Service of the         University of Ottawa;
4.    be a member the Muslim community and have demonstrated an interest in human rights for         Muslims in Canada; and
5.    demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in human rights.
6.    Additional criteria might include academic excellence, demonstrated community involvement,         acts of voluntarism in Muslim human rights and involvement in campus life.

Value of the Award:                      Maximum $3,000

Number of Awards:                      Variable

Frequency of the Award:             Annual

Level of the Award:                       JD

Renewable: upon reapplication, in the second and third year, should the recipient have maintained a minimum CGPA of 6.0 and demonstrate a financial need

Application Contact:                     Financial Aid and Awards Service

Application Deadline:                   May 1


  • Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through the uoZone portal, and should include:
  1. the Financial Questionnaire; and
  2. a letter from the applicant (250-350 words) demonstrating how the applicant meets Eligibility Criteria #4 and #5. Additional information, as suggested by Eligibility Criteria #6, may also be included. Applications submitted without this letter will not be considered. This letter plays an important role in the selection committee’s decision process.

  • Students must formally reapply for the scholarship in their second and third years.

Following receipt of the student’s final marks each year, the Common Law Section will establish the recipient’s eligibility to have the scholarship renewed for each of the second and third year.

[1] OTSS: Ontario Trust Student Support

[2] OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program