Admission Bursary - English JD Program (99950)

Admission Bursary – English JD Program


Combine several admission scholarships that are specifically intended to the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section future students into one. This Admission Bursary - English JD Program will make the application process faster and easier for the students.

This application will allow students to be eligible for the following scholarships:

  • Arnon Corporation Entrance Scholarship (Renewable) (741120102226);

  • Bruce Feldthusen Scholarship (741220102228);

  • Cara/Michael Syron Scholarship for the Encouragement of Entrepreneurial Excellence (741220100920);

  • Catherine Helen MacLean Memorial Entrance Bursary (741220101727);

  • Class of 1969 Entrance Scholarship (741220102456);

  • Class of 1978 Entrance Scholarship (741220102408);

  • Class of Common Law 1963 Scholarship (741200302670);

  • Common Law Class of 2003 Bursary (742220102457);

  • Common Law Professional Training Scholarships (741230102789);

  • Dawn Divola Scholarship (741220102227);

  • Doug and Kathleen Keller-Hobson JD Entrance Scholarship (741220101786);

  • Edward and Olga Backhouse Entrance Scholarship (741220101602);

  • Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP (Ottawa) Entrance Bursary (741200301428);

  • Hyman Soloway Scholarship (741220101929);

  • Jay S. Hennick Business and Community Leadership Program (741220102024)

  • Len and Maureen D'Silva Law School Entrance Scholarship (741220102435);

  • MacNeil Family Entrance Scholarship in Common Law (741200302559);

  • Marcel Hamelin Common Law Entrance Scholarship (741100301498);

  • Marjorie Linden Scholarship (741220102223);

  • McDermott Family Scholarship (741220102229);

  • Miller Thomson LLP National Entrance Scholarship (741200301669);

  • Nancy and Constance Backhouse Scholarship (741220101923);

  • Newton Rowell Scholarship (741200300296);

  • Robert F. Reid Scholarship (741220102434);

  • Robert Pitfield Entrance Scholarship (741220101922);

  • Tsampalieros Family Entrance Scholarship (741220102168);

  • Waterloo Region Law Association Entrance Scholarship (741200101803); and

  • Wildeboer Dellelce Entrance Scholarship (741220102315).


    Eligibility Criteria

    The applicant must:

1. be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person of protected/refugee status;

2. Have applied for Admission in the English JD program at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section

3. Demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid and Awards Service of the University of Ottawa.

Value of the award: Variable

Number of awards: Variable

Frequency of the award: Annual

Level or program of study: Undergraduate

Application contact: Financial Aid Administrator, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section

Application deadline: January 31


Application must be made through the Online Scholarships and Bursaries tool and should include:

  1. The Financial Questionnaire.

  2. Curriculum vitae.

  3. A letter (maximum 1000 words) describing one or more of the following subjects if applicable:

      • Community involvement

      • Interest in social justice

      • Extracurricular activities

      • Interest in labour and employment law

      • Entrepreneurship