Devika Harvey Wasson Memorial Scholarship (722200302685)



Devika Harvey Wasson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship fund was generously created to honour the memory of Devika Harvey Wasson. Tragically, shortly after her 30th birthday, Devika passed away in Cheruthuruthy, India, from asthma. Devika was a graduate of Ottawa University, Canada, and the University of Wales in Aberystwyth, and a PhD candidate at the University of Hawaii. She was joyfully pursuing field research in India at the Kerala Kalamandalam and training in kootiyatam under the tutelage of Kalamandalam Girija. Devika was also an accomplished bharatanatyam dancer who delighted in transporting her audience into another world.

Devika's work

Devika's dissertation proposal, approved by her committee, was called Re-Interpreting the Expressive Body: An Analysis of abhinaya as used by the Female Performer in Contemporary kutiyattam and nangiarkoothu. It examined contemporary female performers in Kerala’s traditional dance-dramas in order to rethink women’s place in South Asian art forms. She intended to study the work of three influential actresses to explore the expressive power of dance-drama by analyzing their acting technique. Using a proposed aesthetic-spiritual lens, Devika hoped to more accurately and truthfully analyze the contemporary female artists to show how their gracefulness, their abhinaya (roughly translated, expressive powers) and their innovations are important. (Full text of proposal is available from


Award a scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate student at the Department of Theatre who is in financial need and demonstrates strong potential in their field of study.


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

1. be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person with the protected/refugee status or an international student;

2. be registered as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in the Department of Theatre at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ottawa;

3. demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid and Awards Service of the University of Ottawa; and

4. demonstrate strong potential in their field of study

Value of the award: $1,000

Number of awards: One

Frequency of the award: Annual

Level or program of study: Undergraduate and graduate

Application contact: Financial Aid and Awards Service

Application deadline: October 31


Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through, and should include:

1. the Financial Questionnaire;

2. the Curriculum Vitae on Online Scholarships and Bursaries; and

3. a letter from the applicant detailing his/her accomplishments in theatre, illustrating their strong potential in their field of study.