Merit Scholarship (Canadian citizen) (722230102798)




Recognizing in-course excellence is a University of Ottawa priority. Since Fall 2016, the University of Ottawa offer, in collaboration with private donors, a merit program for all the students with an excellent academic standing.

The merit scholarship is offered to a student who is registered full time in a direct-entry faculty and appears on the Dean’s Honour List for the previous term.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, you must:

  1. continue to be registered full time to an undergraduate program in a direct-entry faculty (Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Science, Social Sciences, Telfer School of Management) or in the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section;
  2. appear on the Dean’s Honour List* for the previous study term (Co-op work term excluded).

*Eligibility criteria for the Dean’s Honour List:

  • The Dean’s Honour List is determined each term.
  • Only full-time students who have maintained a term grade point average (TGPA) of 8.5 or higher (7.5 in law program) without any failures and who have completed at least 9 units with alphanumeric grades during the term will have their name placed on the Dean’s Honour List.
  • Students who are unable to complete 9 units with alphanumeric grades during the term due to their program’s requirements, but who otherwise meet the requirements stipulated in the preceding paragraph, shall also have their name placed on the Dean’s Honour List if, at the end of the term in question, they have maintained a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 8.5 or higher (7.5 in law programs).
  • “Dean’s Honour List” is indicated on the transcript for the term when it was awarded.

Note: This regulation does not apply for the Faculty of Education, of Medicine, Law – Common Law section, or the Graduate Studies.

Note 1: The awarding is always based on two consecutive study terms. The student whose name appears on the Dean's Honour List* for a given term must re-register full time in the following term to receive the Merit Scholarship. The Merit Scholarship based on the Winter term may be carried over to the following Fall term if the student is not registered in the Summer term.         

The awarding of the Merit Scholarship for the Fall term is based on:

  • The Dean’s Honour List from the Winter term or
  • The Dean’s Honour List from the Summer term, if the student is registered full time.



Exchange program: Students participating in an exchange program at the University of Ottawa are eligible to receive the Merit Scholarship. If the exchange is a work term, then the scholarship will be given at the next study term.

  • COOP program: The student is not eligible to receive the scholarship during a work term. For those cases, the scholarship will be awarded for the next study term.  

Note 2: uOttawa’s academic regulations for undergraduate students define “full time registration” as being registered for 12 or more units during a term. Students who are registered part-time in their last study term because they have less than 12 units left to complete their program of study, are not eligible to receive the Merit Scholarship.

Note 3: This scholarship cannot be combined with the University of Ottawa Renewable Admission Scholarship, the University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship, the President’s Scholarship, the Chancellor’s Scholarship or the Aboriginal Leadership Scholarship.

Value of the award: Maximum $1,000 per study term

Number of awards: Unlimited

Frequency of the award: Each study term

Level or program of study: Undergraduate

Renewable: No, the scholarship is not renewable. However the scholarship can be obtained for each term, therefore a student can be awarded the scholarship up to three times in the same academic year (provided that they meet the eligibility criteria).

Application contact: Financial Aid and Awards Service

Application deadline: Automatic offer



No application is required for this scholarship. If you are eligible you will automatically be considered for it.