Admission Scholarship - Renewal (722130100880)


Renewable Admission Scholarship

Renewable Admission Scholarship



The Renewable Admission Scholarship is offered to newly admitted students who began their first year of studies in fall 2015 or earlier.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, you must:

1. be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or have protected person or refugee status;

2. be registered full time, and for the first time, in an undergraduate program;

3. fulfill the admission requirements of the faculty in question (Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Science, Social Sciences, Telfer School of Management or the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section);

4. have a minimum admission average of 80%.

  1. 95-100% - $4,000 per year

  2. 90-94.9% - $3,000 per year

  3. 85-89.9% - $2,000 per year

  4. 80-84.9% - $1,000 per year

Applicants to Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science at the University of Ottawa are eligible for the Nortel Networks Admission Scholarship, which replaces the Renewable Admission Scholarship.


This scholarship can be renewed for three years following your first year of study for the same amount offered at the time of admission, provided that you:

1. Maintain full-time registration in a direct-entry faculty or in the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section;

2. Have and maintain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 8.5 or higher at the end of each academic year. You will be able to renew your scholarship at 50% of its annual value if you have a CGPA between 8.0 and 8.4 at the end of the academic year. Furthermore, you can renew your scholarship for the full amount in a subsequent year if your CGPA increases to 8.5, or higher.

Value of the award: Variable

Number of awards: Variable

Frequency of the award: Annual

Level or program of study: Undergraduate

Application contact: Financial Aid and Awards Service

Application deadline: Automatic offer


No application is required for this scholarship. If you are eligible you will automatically be considered for it at the time of admission and informed if you receive it.