Canadian Muslim Network Arar-Mazigh Scholarship (742220105261)



Canadian Muslim Network Arar-Mazigh Scholarship


Established in July 2006, the Canadian Muslim Network is a network of Muslim organizations across Canada from British Columbia and Alberta all the way to Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. The Network was put in place to create an environment of collaboration and communication between Muslim organizations on issues of interest to Muslim Canadians, as well as to enhance communication and collaboration between Canadians of Muslim faith with Canadians of all other faiths and beliefs. The Network is especially interested in ensuring Canada continues to be a country where the rights of all citizens are equally respected and where security of all Canadians is a shared responsibility that builds on the rule of law, the Charter of Rights and respect for the rights of all citizens.

The Canadian Muslim Network raised the funds for this scholarship in a historic event on Parliament Hill on February 14, 2007 celebrating the release of the O’Connor report which vindicated Maher Arar and laid down a series of recommendations for the protection of the civil liberties of Canadians. The event was attended by the leaders of the Liberal Party of Canada, the Bloc Quebecois and the National Democratic Party of Canada along with leaders from the human rights movements, civil liberties activists and the Muslim communities of Canada. The event recognized the army of Canadians who stood up for civil liberties and ensured there was a public enquiry in the matter leading to the final report by Justice O’Connor. The Canadian Muslim Network thanks all donors supporting this scholarship.


To provide a financial aid scholarship to a first-year student in the JD program at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section of the University of Ottawa who is active in the pursuit of human rights and civil liberties.


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

1. be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or a person with the protected/refugee status;

2. be registered as a full-time student in the first year of the JD program at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section of the University of Ottawa;

3. be an Ontario resident, as per OSAP [2] rules;

4. demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid and Awards Service of the University of Ottawa; and

5. demonstrate involvement in the pursuit of human rights and civil liberties.

Note: All else being equal, preference will be given to candidates involved in issues of relevance to the Muslim community.

Value of the Award: Minimum $3,000, maximum $5,000

Number of Awards: Variable

Frequency of the Award: Annual

Level of the Award: Undergraduate

Application Contact: Common Law Section

Application Deadline: October 31


Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through the uoZone portal, and should include:

1. the Financial Questionnaire;

2. the Curriculum Vitae on Online Scholarships and Bursaries;

3. two supporting letters confirming the applicant’s involvement as per the criteria above; and

4. a letter of application (250-350 words). The letter of application plays an important role in the selection committee’s decision process and should provide supporting information that demonstrates that the applicant meets Eligibility Criteria # 5. Applications submitted without this letter will not be considered.


[1] OSOTF: Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund

[2] OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program